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Mar 31

Drew Brees 2019-2020 Season


Edited: Apr 20

How does everyone feel about Drew and his accuracy/throw power this upcoming season? It was obvious he wasn't himself towards the end of this season... Should we be worried or Will we see the beginning of the season or 2017 brees? Possibly his last year.... Then it's #TeddyTime

I'm a little concerned. It's possible his drop off last season was from the hit he took but Peyton Manning had a very similar drop off and then fell off a cliff the following year. Even if that hit was the cause for his drop it would still be concerning considering his injury history with that shoulder. At least we have a guy like Bridgewater behind him who will now be in his second year with the playbook but I think Brees will be alright this year. Even if he experiences a drop in arm strength having a guy like Jared Cook will be a huge boost for him and the offense.

For the contest it is suppose to be an "article" about LSU or the Saints as per the directions in the link. We have a few submissions like this one but only one submission reassembling an article. At the moment that person will win since theirs is the only legitimate submission. Just a heads up incase you want to submit something else.

New Posts
  • Saints vs Rams Predictions anyone? I feel as it will be mostly an offensive battle, but looking to see if we correct some of our week one mistakes with play calls, and also looking to see if Trey can dominate on the edge again as he did last week over davenport. Brees is going to be on fire with MT as this is a "Revenge" game after all. Yet it is only week 2 so nothing to go crazy over and we need to come out of this game healthy, and with a big ol 2-0 heading into next week. #Nutz4Lutz
  • So, we are getting ever closer to the 2019 season. What are everyone's honest thoughts on what the Saints will do in 2019? Personally I don't see us winning 13 games this year as we have a tough looking schedule. I see 11/12 wins, we will still win the NFC south as I don't think any of the other teams have improved enough. 12 wins could still give us home field advantage and if we get that again this year then for me the Superbowl is very much within our grasp. Roll on September!!
  • Whenever the NFL Draft comes around, there are certainties in life: 1. Saints are going to trade up 2. Saints will not address a position fans believe they really should address 3. Saints will screw up a linebacker pick 4. Saints will always have at least 1 UDFA RB & WR. One of those UDFA players that I am very curious about is Nebraska RB Devine Ozigbo. When doing a mock draft, he was often a common player that would I look up, and consider drafting as a RB3. When tracking Day 3, I saw his name still available as it went along, and just like that... the draft ended and he was still there. As soon as I saw it, I was hoping Saints would manage to get him as an UDFA (along with several others), and we did. When pondering why he became an UDFA, I looked at his film, and dug a little deeper into his scouting report. His key weaknesses were that he had not so good long speed, and had rather bad games against quality opponents (such as vs. Michigan St. and vs. Iowa), but his positives were that: he was proficient in pass pro, had good power, very little tread, had some receiving ability, and was very good in short yardage. Perhaps he'll be the one that could maybe beat out Dwayne Washington, or at least perform well enough to create a RB4.